Environmental Directives & Policies 

Enviornment Directives

Uninterrupted and continuous business operation.

A clear and sustainable business succession is in place to insure future complicane.

Establish Environment Protection Management Team to collect environmental regulations, laws, and relative information. Manage and monitor the measures for protecting the environment in order to reduce the environmental impact and damage. Reduce usage of controlled materials; devote ourselves to “Green” solutions to protect the environment and employees.

  • Comply with RoHS directives, EU RoHS Directive recast (2011/65/EU);EU RoHS Directive recast Annex II ((EU) 2015/863).
  • Comply with ELV Directives 2005/53/EC.
  • Comply with Reach Directives
  • Halogen free solutions in product development

Environmental Policy

  • Obey all environmental regulations and laws, with employee participation.
  • Save energy. Recycle resources. Use sustainable resources whenever possible. No harm to environment on-going philosophy.
  • Continuous improvement to prevent pollution.
We have committed to achieve the above environmental policy through following practices:
1. To implement green purchaseof recyclable, low-pollution, and resource-saving commodityof our procurement to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.
2. To maintain the effectiveness for the operation of the environmental management system to meet the environmental targets and objectives, complying with government rules, regulations, and requirements and also to increase the participation of business partners and suppliers and the acknowledge of sustainablemanagement and development.
3. Comply with environmental regulations including RoHS, REACH, and standards for ELV (End-of-life vehicle), and meet customer requirements.
4. Constantly implementing energy conservation and carbon reduction in our all-out efforts to reduce the consumption of energy, paper, and water resource, manage waste disposal and recycling, and to improve energy efficiency of all the equipment.
5. To confirm customers are fulfilling their commitment to environmental protection, Corporate integrity, and social responsibility, regarded as our consideration, in order to promote environmental sustainability.
6. Pay constant attention to the impact of climate change on business operations with continuous review and evaluation of environmental and energy efficiency goals and Improvement in environmental management performance.
7. The publicity of the environmental policy and good connection and relationship with neighbors.

Workplace Safely and Health Policy

  • "Safety Discipline":Make effort in creating a safe working environment and working towards the goal of zero disaster.
  • "Risk Management":Take a suitable risk control to reduce the risk of harm.
  • "Comply with laws and regulations":Observe the occupational safety and health regulations and other relevant specifications.
  • "Health Care":Promote health management and pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees.
  • "Continuous Improvement":Take through regular audits and reviews to improve the performance of occupational safety and health management.
In order to achieve sustainability management concepts, we have committed the following
1. Comply with relevant occupational safety and health laws and regulations, and implement occupational safety and health management.
2. Properly carrying out pollution prevention, risk management, and continuous improvement to minimize safety and health hazards.
3. Through regular audits regularly under the continuous operation of management system and to accomplish continuous improvement in safety and health performance.
4. Properly manage hazardous substances to prevent risks of contamination and hazards caused to personnel.
5. Properly implement all necessary safety and protective measures to ensure safe manufacturing process and equipment operations.
6. Strengthen the execution of maintenance, management and improvement in the fire protection system to prevent the occurrence of fires. 
7. Continue dissemination of environmental health and safety concepts with employees, subcontractors and external parties.
8. To achieve every employee participation in the execution of occupational safety and health initiatives to follow through the preparation and prevention of nature disaster.